love & liberation

I believe what we are all seeking is real love(connection to self, Source & others) & liberation from fear. I know this because you and I are not that different. We look different, we live different lives, and have travelled different roads to get here but in the depths of our being, when you peel back all the layers and labels of who we are on the outside, we both want the same things, to be happy and free, loved & liberated.


I want you to know that it’s possible to have what you need. It is possible to liberate your heart from the shackles of fear, judgement, regret, resentment, anger, dis-ease, and open yourself up to massive love & joy. My work and my life are about creating a safe space for you to truly feel this possibility in your bones and in the deepest part of who you are. The work is a commitment know and love yourself-courageously & relentlessly and through your fully liberated life, inspire others to do the same.  This is what it means to live full on. You were literally born to connect with infinite Joy and Love and I am truly honored to support any part of your journey!


-movement. rhythm. healing-

It's a practice not a perfect & yes,

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events & workshops

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guided meditation

-connecting the heart & the human-

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Choose faith over fear. It's why you're here.

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