Wise, Wild & Free.

When did you get the idea that you were any other way; that your life was meant to fit into this pretty box; that your behavior, your voice, your career, your passion, or your healing should mirror what you’ve seen before; that you are anything less than a completely unique and Divine gift from God meant to be shared with the world. I am here to support your journey OUT of that box and back into alignment with the deepest callings of your heart.


Welcome to Wise, Wild & Free.

The Journey

I spent much of my life trying to do “it” like “they” did. 


It was no one’s fault. I made a choice. I made a choice to care A LOT about what boys(and girls) thought of me and my choices. I made a choice to worry about how I walked, talked, dressed, who I sat with at lunch, what activities I participated in, what parties I desperately begged my parents to let me go to. I made a choice to follow my peers in behaviors that didn’t actually feel good in my body or my heart. I made a choice to believe I actually didn’t need God, Spirit or whatever was out there because I wanted to prove I could do it all.


By my early 20s living in a fog, asleep to the most potent aspects of who I am. I was what some teachers would call “energetically fragmented.” My attention, and effectively my energy, were scattered everywhere: stuck “over there” on the people and situations where I felt like I had something to prove, instead of “in here,” connected to my own body, feelings and present experience. I was constantly feeling pulled in a million directions and was experiencing crippling decision fatigue from trying to fit in and hide what I really felt. 


By 23 I was exhausted and riddled with unexplainable digestive issues. I couldn’t make a decision to save my life because I was so afraid of making the wrong one. I could make it sound like I knew what I wanted if someone asked but, I started to see that what I said I wanted was largely based on what I thought would look or sound good to the people around me. 


Instead of being true to how I really felt, I was consumed by making sure everything in my life looked good, graceful & confident on the outside. 


Inside, I was shattering into a million pieces. I could feel myself becoming something I didn’t recognize. I was angry. My body was rebelling with random injuries and ailments. I was so far from being aligned with the vibrant, adventurous, intuitively guided life I had once envisioned for myself.


I couldn’t ignore this feeling anymore so took action. 


I eagerly and innocently sought after energy healers, spiritual teachers, and buried myself in books in search for the perfect formula for re-aligning my life. My efforts started to be more in tune with what I wanted but when I wasn’t seeing the results as quickly as I had expected, I ended right back in the spiral of searching for the “right way.” Instead of seeking the approval of my peers, I was now seeking the approval of my teachers. Funny how the lesson will come back to us until we learn, huh? I was now on the hunt for a NEW box to put myself in.  It turns out, I simply had a huge misunderstanding of how alignment and transformation actually work. 

I realized this: teachers and healers and books and practices are just tools: beautiful, brilliant, supportive tools. They are necessary waypoints on the  journey of transformation, growth, and healing but without making space for your intuition, your Spirit, and your body to speak, most of them fall flat or end up feeling forced. This is when we give up; we begin feeling broken, too far gone, exhausted and even ashamed that we aren’t further ahead.


I want you to hear this now, you are not broken, you are not behind and you ARE cut out for massive growth and healing. You were actually made for this.

There has never been anyone on this planet more equipped for your journey than you. 


Experience the power of sisterhood. This work is not meant to be done alone. There is so much possibility to be discovered when we can stand with and for each other as each of us steps into the our own unique expression of the wise, wild woman we are here to be. 



You always have a choice. Even when you can't change the external circumstances, you have a choice about how you respond. Wise wild and Free is a reminder that you are free to choose: your words, thoughts, and people. You are free to choose the life you are creating for yourself. 

There is a high level of surrender, trust and humility required for real change to occur in our lives. When you get that you are never alone and you believe you are always supported by a higher consciousness and Divine Love, you will be able to let go of control in a way that would not be possible otherwise