This is the life...

It's that feeling when...

When you’re in your favorite vacation spot. When you travel somewhere new for the first time. When you find b e a u t y right where you are.

When you get paid to take a vacation. When you wake up with sunshine beaming through your blinds and realize this slice of paradise has met you in your own bed.

When you land that dream job. When you dream about landing that dream job. When you hate your job and finally get the guts to leave to pursue B I G G E R , better things.

When you move into your first house. When you move into your dream house.

When someone else prepares an amazing meal for you and cleans up. When you come home from a long day, or any kind of day really, and there are no dishes in the sink because someone read your mind.

When you realize you h a v e enough. When you realize you a r e enough.

When you meet amazing new people. When you realize you already have amazing people. When you think about your ride or die, best friends in the world and how much

v a l u e they add to your life.

When you feel the electricity of a first kiss, first touch, first date. When you realize 10, 20, 30 years later that you STILL feel the same electricity you felt the first time.

When you're sitting outside with good coffee, breathing in the fresh air, with no plans other than doing exactly what you're doing. When you take a long walk on the beach or crush a hike. When you reach the s u m m i t of a mountain.

When you l o v e unconditionally

When you conquer a fear. When you help someone else c on q u e r fear.

When you appreciate literally a n y t h i n g about the present moment.

When you recognize from your skin, to your bones, to your soul, that things are exactly as they should be r i g h t. n o w.

For me, it was so easy to look at others and think, “Wow, they really have THE life.” Maybe they had a cool job or the beautiful spouse, house, whatever. Maybe it was their simply their calm presence and approach to life. This is a call to look at all the beauty inside and around y o u. Use this as a mirror to show yourself that YOU already have THE life and if you don't feel that way, it's just one c h o i c e away.

All of this comes from my passion to t e a c h, h e a l , and e l e v a t e through my life and the way I choose to live and share it with others on the mat and off. It comes from many years of believing that only other people could live in this joyful, abundance that I would call "THE life." It comes from a powerful realization and elimination of the false belief that the abundant life is only for other people. It makes a bold request that I...that WE start *or continue* to see what bright, empowered beings we already are and use that to elevate ourselves and everyone else around us.

I will share stories, not as bragging rights, but as tools to raise the bar for my game and yours. I will share pictures, not to make you wish you were there, but to inspire you to go do whatever it is that stokes your fire.

My wish is that through my candor and humanness, you are inspired to live the life you’ve always dreamed of, because it is not just for other people!