Satya: Truthfulness

The Yamas






Satya asks us to be honest, to live with integrity. The idea that honesty is the best policy is not new for (most of) us. The idea that the truth shall set you free also, not a super novel idea. It seems that most of us get it on a fundamental level, even if we don't always practice it, that it's not awesome to lie to people or maliciously hide information. Good, that's one part of Satya.

The second part of Satya asks us to go deeper. It asks that your WHOLE SELF shows up to every moment with your thoughts, words & actions aligned. I’d even take it a step further and say that Satya is about learning to listen to your intuition. It's getting your "monkey mind," as the Buddhist call it, on board with your heart & your gut, so your words & actions can follow the right leader. The only time it gets hard to hear the truth is when your thinking mind gets involved and begins to insert judgement, expectations, negativity, past experiences, and fear. Truth is intuitive. Truth can be felt. It feels like a knowing without any real doubt. It's not hidden, it's always right there and we miss it only because we are looking in the wrong place.

Your brain (synonym: ego) makes decisions, judgments & sets expectations based on past experiences. It’s really great at generating fear(past based) and anxiety(future based) as a way to “protect” you which means it’s also good at distracting you from what’s happening right here or what you actually need. It’s the thing that convinces you that you need to show up differently maybe even compromise beliefs for different people to avoid rejection or confrontation. It’s the thing that convinces you to over commit yourself so you don’t look irresponsible or unreliable. Your brain(ego) is the one who convinces you that you’re not strong enough to say what you need when all signs point to “something’s not right here.” All of this creates resistance to the truth and ultimately takes vitality, prana, life- giving E N E R G Y from you. It keeps you standing just outside the natural flow of truth.

Seeking the truth in every moment pushes us to go beyond the limitations of the mind that wants black and white and stability. It asks us to stay connected to the deeper guidance of our intuition even when it’s scary or unsettling. The truth asks us to be radically self aware, open and curious. The truth allows us to show up A L L in and F U L L of V I T A L I T Y.

The truth is not always easy but it is always right. It will never let you down. Living in it will change your life but it will never leave you feeling empty or scared the way the lies or falsities beliefs about yourself or others will. The truth will A L W A Y S set you F R E E (even if it sucks getting to it).

“Staying present with the truth of the moment will add more depth to your life and grow you up to be creative and responsible versus becoming a person who walks around with a subtle, “rescue me” sign." -Deborah Adele, The Yamas & Niyamas