Because You're Worth It

Remind yourself daily that Y O U are W O R T H the E F F O R T…because you are.

When you believe this, everything starts to work. When you don’t believe this, nothing works. I’m talking literally, on an energetic level, to your physical body, to the situations and the people you attract. When you believe you are worth the effort, you start to bring your whole life into B A L A N C E. It doesn’t happen over night and this isn’t an easy shift but that’s ok. Believing you are worth the effort gives you the mental stamina to stick it out, even when it gets tough or something comes up to try and lead you back to old habits.

This belief is not something anyone else can give you. It comes from the core of your being and radiates out into everything you do. When you believe it, it shows. When you don’t, it shows.

In order to retrain the mind to remember what the heart has always known about how incredibly capable you are, you must change your thought patterns. It is specifically important to catch yourself when you are in the place of “I don’t feel like it even though I know it would be good for me.” That is self-sabotage and the best way to shift that is to bring in N E W thoughts.

I have taken on a daily practice of rewiring my thought patterns and it has been a game changer. What you say to yourself impacts how you show up, period. You don’t just beat yourself up at home, in your head and then go out and crush it at work or inspire other people to be awesome. OR, maybe you do or you know someone who does this little fake out, but it is not sustainable.

Here’s the bottom line, if the inside doesn’t match the outside, eventually the pressure from the misalignment of thought and deed becomes so high that it has no where else to go but out. It will all unravel at some point, trust me, I’ve lived it. The only one I was fooling was myself and I am grateful everyday for the friends and family who have supported me in cleaning up my internal dialogue so I could make B I G G E R external shifts. You don’t have to wait for the explosion, you can start now.

For me, it’s kind of been like this

I could hit snooze for the 5th time so I will never make it to my work out on time…

“I am worth the effort of getting my butt out of bed and taking care of my body.”

I don’t think he/she will be supportive of my idea anyway, better to not say it and let it die...

“I am worth the effort of organizing my thoughts and sharing them with the right people, even if I’m scared.”

Ehhhh I’ll get up early tomorrow…

“I am worth the effort of getting up early to start my day because I know I never regret it.”

I only have 10min, that’s not long enough for a ‘real’ meditation practice anyway, I’ll do it tomorrow…

“I am worth the effort of doing a daily meditation practice even if it’s short.”

I bought the groceries but I am being lazy and don’t feel like cooking…5/7nights of the week-it’s just me anyway…

“I am worth the effort of cooking delicious dinners for myself!”

I need new ______insert whatever nonsense thing I can live a little longer without______

"I am worth the effort of saving money for the things I really want or need."

I doubt I even have the skills to do all the things I want to do with my blog, website, retreats, etc.

“I am worth the effort of T R Y I N G . I am worth the effort of sharing my light, love and knowledge with the world on a regular basis even if I’m not sure how people will respond.”

Those are just a few examples.

Here’s a couple more things you might want to remind yourself of. These two kind of cover all the bases so if none of my examples above were relatable, these two should cover it all.

I am worth the effort of letting go of obsessive patterns that run my life

_____insert yours here_________

I am worth the effort of letting go of any negative thoughts or self sabotaging behaviors that are holding me back from G R O W T H, H E A L I N G, P O S I T I V E C H A N G E …

_____insert here______

______and here______

______and here______

you get it.

Let me clarify one thing, I am not talking about talking yourself into something you actually don’t want or need to do because it will not add value to your life or anyone else’s. I am not talking about making yourself feel like a jerk if plans change, you press snooze or order take out once in a while. I am talking about L I S T E N I N G to your gut. You know when you’re not feelin’ it (gut sense) versus not feeling like it (talking yourself out of it because of risk, fear, etc.).

This rewiring is a personal journey. Only you know what you say to yourself so only you will be able to apply this to your patterns that need changing.

Catch that voice in your head talking you out of something you know could have great positive change in your life. Reword and rewire. Do it over and over again.

There are no prerequisites for this work. You are ready now to put forth the effort to live the life you're dreaming of.