Divine Feminine leadership.

Activate the wisdom of your heart. Become a bold leader of Truth and love in your life and in the world.

The Divine Feminine Leadership program will exfoliate the layers of fear and self-doubt to reveal your most courageous self expression and authentic creations. We will clear away layers of resistance, old belief patterns, and habits that are causing confusion about your purpose or your next steps, to reveal the direction in which you are being intuitively called. You are a unique gift from God which means you have something unique to offer this world. If you want to use your voice and your gifts to create a shift in the world around you, you must start with the woman looking back at you in the mirror.

the woman in the mirror

I spent the better part of my teenage years and 20s trying to do it like everyone else, trying to get it right. It was no one’s fault. That was the choice I made. I wanted to go to the right parties, say the right things, wear the right clothes, have the right job, marry the right person at the right age, get the right house...you get it. Then everything fell apart. I was divorced before I was 26 and completely lost on what I wanted or what I had to offer the world because I had spent so long living on some made up timeline trying to become someone else. I was physically sick with food intolerances and unexplainable digestive issues, mentally exhausted by trying to keep up, and emotionally burdened with anger, sadness and resentment.


My healing process included things like yoga, dance, meditation, energy healing therapy, physical healing programs for my gut health and a ton of crying, laughing, writing and deep excavation. I discovered that the person I was most angry with, the person I resented the most, the person who was causing the distress in my body and in my relationships - was the young woman looking back at me in the mirror- and in that moment I recognized that she was also the only one who could begin the healing process for these old wounds and patterns.


In the most challenging moments of my growth process, I could barely see a foot in front of me so I learned to actively rely on my intuition(God, Spirit, Source) for guidance. That is a huge part of why this program exists. Your shit doesn’t have to be hitting the fan because what I know now is that we actually cannot ever really see more than a foot in front of us anyway, making our spiritual guidance system the most potent and necessary resource in our lives.


To be a courageous leader in whatever you do in the world, you must start with the person in the mirror. I have created a program that brings in some of my favorite healing and growth modalities so you can see where you are hanging onto old patterns that are keeping you stuck in certain pain cycles and tough lessons in your life. We will use these physical, mental, and energetic modalities to ignite the fire in your belly and activate the wisdom of your heart. We will exfoliate the layers of fear and doubt to reveal your most natural and authentic expression of who you are now. We will clear away layers of resistance to reveal the direction in which you are being intuitively called.


As a wise, wild leader you are willing to take accountability for the things that need to shift in your own life; willing to do the work of spiritual, emotional and physical growth no matter how gritty it gets; trust that there is a high purpose for you in this world right now and be courageous enough to let your intuition lead you on the path to it and through it.



You need to know this: YOU, the one sitting in your chair, wearing your clothes, has something the world needs. Every single one of us does actually and the sooner you see that, the sooner you will be free to express that wild wisdom burning in your heart.

You were born with "it": that certain way of doing things that is unique to you. We were all born with something to learn and something to teach or offer the world. Some of us can get through life ignoring it and some us reach a point where we simply cannot go another day without exploring it. I am guessing by the fact that you're on this page, you relate to the second type of person.

I am curious about you...you who can't ignore this desire to go deeper within; you who are already inclined to listen, to ask "why" instead of just settling for "this is how it is." I am especially curious about you who have made your way to this page but are still thinking "I'm not reaaalllyy a leader" or you're questioning what you're a leader of because your job or your current role in the world doesn't have a typical leader title. I am interested in those of you who are curious about understanding your potential as a human.

Hear this: Wise, wild leadership  does not start at your job, it is not based on your college degree, and it's not related to how many instagram followers you have. Wise, wild leadership is a role you choose to step into FIRST in your own life, because when you are a brave leader of your own growth and healing, you become an example and a potent message for every single person you touch: your family, your friends, your community, your work community, your social media followers and the cashier at the grocery store. 


This "title" of wise, wild leader is not something to earn, it is something you either live daily or you don't. It does not require that you're perfect it requires that you're willing to wake up over and over again to how your ingrained patterns and past pain are running your thoughts, words and decisions, causing confusion and even chaos in the way you express yourself in the world. It requires that you are wiseenough to be willing to give up control in certain areas of your life where you really had none to begin with so you can commit to trusting the wildguidance of your heart. 

this is Wise, Wild Leadership.


what's next

THIS WILL BE A PROGRAM DESCRIPTION - I will explain the tools we will use and their benefits: yoga, dance, meditation, reiki inspired energy healing,


Building your transformational journey on a solid foundation.