The why: I don't believe that some people are just born followers. I believe that because we are born as unique expressions of Universal Love, we are all actually born leaders. The problem is, not all of us decide to nurture this unique expression of ourselves and instead we shove it down, conform, hide, compare our gift to someone else's and say that leadership is for other people. We decide that we aren't _____ enough to make an impact.


In my belief, you are born because the world actually needs what you, yes y-o-u, have to offer. To hide who you are in fear is to waste the gifts that only you were given-the gifts that no one else can give the world. You don't have to be a CEO or the president but it is your obligation as a human to be the LEADER of your own life at the very least. 


It is through the process of committing to know and love yourself-courageously and relentlessly, that you will learn to lead your own life. You will liberate the leader within, the one that is meant to be on this planet, as a unique contribution to the world around you, right now. 


The work is to transform and transcend the ways you are keeping yourself feeling stuck, lost, hiding & exhausted &  free the unique expression of who you are that is literally dying to bust out into the world! 


The goal is to create courage, commitment & connection as your way of being so YOU, yes you, will go on to lead and inspire others to live fully, simply by being exactly who you are and sharing your own unique gifts.