be. full. on.

I don't just teach yoga, I teach the tools of transformation. I am not the only one doing this. I am certainly not the first and I won't be the last. My hope is that more people will teach tools of transformation in their own words so eventually the whole world can shift to a higher consciousness-seriously.


Being full on requires no prerequisites. It's not too late. It beings with a nudge from inside, calling you to move forward, heal, forgive, and grow. My personal journey with this work is what fuels me. Every cell in my body believes if I can then you can. Everyone has what it takes to be FULL on in their lives.  



I am 200hr certified in Hatha Yoga and 500hr certified in Baptiste Yoga. I am truly grateful for the diversity these styles bring to my teaching and to my own practice.


I do not believe there is one perfect style. I believe we should explore different styles of yoga and movement always.

I love teaching yoga. There is nothing like seeing someone find something new in their body for the first time: strength, lightness, an opening they were not expecting. It feels like witnessing magic.

I create rhythmic experiences in my classes using music, breath and vinyasa(flow). I have a background in dance and I sing for fun. The healing power of sound and breath has been a part of my life forever and it is my passion to transmute that to you through each class. 


What is equally amazing to me is taking this work off the mat and into our lives. I don't think everyone needs to be an intense yogi but I do believe that the principles and philosophies of yoga like presence, self awareness, self love, discipline, etc., can be applied to ALL areas of our lives right now, without stepping on a mat: although I highly recommend the mat work too!

It is my heart work to bring people the tools of transformation not only through my yoga classes but through unique workshops, retreats and coaching experiences. 

In my workshops, courses and retreats you will experience movement, meditation and energy healing modalities like the chakra system and reiki, all as an access to deep inquiry and intuitive discovery.